• Chicken Poultry Breeding Tips, Poultry Secrets and Fun Facts

    Most important tips and secrets that you need to remember for breeding good chickens

    Chicken Poultry Breeding Tips

    Breeding chicken poultry is best way to produce a sustainable flock and it should be learned no matter if you are chicken farmer or enthusiast. Here are a list of the most important breeding tips that you need to remember.

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    Chicken Poultry Secrets

    For producing the new flock, the most important time is the first seven to ten days after placement. During this time you need to make sure that all required measurements are taken care off. Since pinpointing a single problem is hard, you need to make sure that all the preparation points are done correctly.

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    Fun Facts About Chickens

    Did you know that there are more chicken on this world than any other bird species? Read more about this and bunch of other cool and interesting facts about chickens.

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